I have painted since I was nine years old when I copied a book cover of “Heidi” which won the first of six successive children's art scholarships to the San Francisco Museum of Art (now the Art Institute). At the same time I was trained as a pianist and soprano. I earned a Masters of Art Degree at U.C. Berkeley.
Having explored various series of paintings over the years, I presently work in a Magic Realist style. I take photographs from nature and often use photographic techniques for highly detailed under-painting and superimpose oil paint.
My work is in ink and oil on wood panels, or canvas for the larger motifs.
I do faux surfaces such as marble, walnut, burled wood and crackalure. I sometimes include “Visual Quotations” from the Great Masters or “Literary Quotations” (in borders inspired by Edward Hicks, 18c Amer.).
I have quoted from the poetry in my former vocal repertoire, as well as historic and modern poets.

I have studios in Mill Valley, California and Moab, Utah, where my family produces the Moab Music Festival each year.

#195:  Golden Gate Bridge, Historical References, Legion of Honor Balustrade, 1850 Clipper Ship Poster.
 Ink & Oil on Canvas.    30 x 48
#162 Marin Hills,  Late Afternoon, Herefords, Wildlife" 
Ink, Acrylic, Oil on Canvas: 12 x 24 
 2008  Shadowbox Frame:: 13 x 25
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#99 Cat (Willem van Mieris, 17c. Dutch), Oriental Rug, Bee III. 
Ink & Oil on Birch Panel: 14 x 10.   
Custom Walnut Frame: 19 x 15













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